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This week we are rebroadcasting our conversation from May 2013 with Greg Gillotti:

"Great is an experienced improvisor and comedian who is very deeply plugged into the scene in town. He is on several improv teams, produces and features in "The Death Show" (in which the players improvise a wake for a member of the audience), he teaches classes and has played at the Steel City Improv, The Cabaret at Theater Square, the brand new Arcade Comedy Theater downtown, jams, libraries, outside of diners... Kind of all over the place!

Greg is also a incredibly bright and insightful guy, who loves to analyze comedy. We have a great discussion about how he got started in all this, and then his thoughts on comedy. He is all about the more the merrier and fostering comedy and art. We also get into the nuances and differences in the stand up and improv worlds, as they continue to merge and cross-over.

It is an exciting time for comedy, and Greg talks shop like few others can!

**warning - NSFW langauge here and there!**"

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(R) This week we are rebroadcasting our discussion with Charlie Humphrey. In October of 2012, Charlie sat down at our old recording space downtown to talk about his work as Executive Director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, The Three Rivers Film Festival, changes in media in Pittsburgh and Public Broadcasting.

Charlie is a good friend of the show, a true thought-leader, and this is among our favorite interviews in the history of this program. Enjoy!

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This week our guest is Kacey Wherley, founder and director of TEDxGrandviewAve. TEDx is a locally organized TED event, and Kacey decided that Pittsburgh should have an official branch... thus was born TEDxGrandviewAve. 

Kacey is a great representative of the millenials in town who are truly doing great things to give back to the city that they love, and Kacey isn't even from here originally! She fell in the love Pittsburgh in college, and deiceded to stay. She sits down to talk about all that and more!

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This week our guest is Deb Acklin! Deb is the President and CEO and WQED Multimedia. She began her career in media at a very young age, and has been a major part of the media landscape in Pittsburgh for years. She has amazing insights on public broadcasting, millenials returning to Pittsburgh, creative people supporting each other, Rick Sebak, Mr. Rogers and a whole lot more. 

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For Valentines Day we are rebroadcasting our episode with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto... becasue we at Writing on the Floor love this city, and so does he. Bill sat down with Zach back in June, when he had won the Primary and was the democratic candidate for the November General Election. He talked about his plans and hopes for the city - ambitious but very strategic, and clearly passionate. 

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine Day.


(original description below)

This week we have a very special guest – City Coucilman and Democratic Candidate for the Office of Mayor of Pittsburgh, BILL PEDUTO is on the show. Bill has decades of work in city politics and policy, and he shares with us that his end-goal is being mayor of this great city. He talks about his agenda, his policies, how he got into the politics game and his vision for the future of this great city. He is likely to be elected mayor this fall, having just won the democratic primary, and his plans for this city are very exciting.

We want to thank Bill for taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule to sit and speak with us, and to thank his incredibly hard-working staff for coordinating with us.

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Alright on your program today it's Ali Spagnola. Ali is a performer and artist who describes herself as a drinking composer with a music problem. She produced the album "Ali's Power Hour Drinking Game" which is a series of 60 onee-minute songs to drink along to. She has taken that album and performs it live, all across the US, which has lead to some ctazy stories including a Trademark Troll coming after her, and getting banned from Michigan on one occasion. That's right, she was basically told she wasn't allowed to do anything at all in the state. We talk about all that and more! 

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This week our guest is John Feightner. You would be hard pressed to find a funnier, and more prolific improviser, writer or actor in this city... or in any city for that matter. John is a long-time player in improv, runs the perennial "Friday Night Improvs" in the Cathedral of learning, and is a member of the sketch group "Hustlebot" which took their pilot for Comedy Central "Stoners with a Time Machine" and is turning it into a serious web series. 

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Our guest this week is Brad Stephenson from ActClasy.com and The Act Classy Lunchbreak, a fantastic podcast wherein he and Joe Lyons eat lunch and riff, often with a notable guest. Brad is an actor, writer, standup comedian and very smart guy who is a breeze to talk to, and might be the most naturally funny guest we've had on the show to date.

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This week our guest is Matt Light. Matt is a local comedian who has been doing stand up for about 5 years. He recently started to go out on the road, touring with some guys like Aaron Kleiber and John Winters, after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He changed a lot of his material to be about that, and adapted his rougher style to be more honest and approachable, and it seems to have worked for him. Matt talks about getting past his cancer (he is done with Chemo!) comedy styles, The Pirates (hey hey!) and a whole lot more.

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This week our guest is Josh Raulerson, local host of NPR’s “Morning Edition” on 90.5 WESA, Pittsburgh’s FM News Station.

Many people know Josh (or his voice, at least) from their morning commute, and while most probably realize he is intellectual and witty, it’s likely that few realize how highly educated Josh is, or how long he has been working radio. Josh has his Phd. in English and started broadcasting all the way back in his high school days in Iowa.

Josh sits down to talk education, media, Pittsburgh, and the future of public broadcasting.

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